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idler n : person who does no work; "a lazy bum" [syn: loafer, do-nothing, layabout, bum]

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  1. One who idles; one who spends his time in inaction; a lazy person; a sluggard.
  2. nautical dated Any member of a ship's crew who is not required to keep the night-watch
  3. A mechanical device such as a pully or wheel does not transmit power, but supports a moving belt etc.



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An idler is a mechanical device such as an idler pulley or idler wheel that is secondary to the main transfer of power in a mechanical system.

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  • The Idler magazines and an essay collection entitled The Idler

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Arab, beach bum, beachcomber, beggar, bo, bum, bummer, bungler, clock watcher, dallier, dawdle, dawdler, diddler, dillydallier, disregarder, do-nothing, dodger, dogie, dolittle, doodler, drone, faineant, gamin, gamine, gentleman of leisure, goldbrick, goldbricker, goof-off, guttersnipe, hobo, homeless waif, ignorer, laggard, landloper, lazybones, lazzarone, lingerer, loafer, loiterer, loller, losel, lotus-eater, lounge lizard, lounger, lubber, malingerer, mope, moper, mudlark, neglecter, negligent, piker, potterer, procrastinator, putterer, ragamuffin, ragman, ragpicker, rounder, shirker, ski bum, slacker, slouch, sloucher, sloven, slug, slugabed, sluggard, slut, stick-in-the-mud, stiff, stray, street Arab, street urchin, sundowner, surf bum, swagman, swagsman, tatterdemalion, tennis bum, time killer, time waster, tramp, trifler, turnpiker, urchin, vag, vagabond, vagrant, waif, waifs and strays, waiter on Providence, wastrel
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